Thursday, 1 August 2013

Meal Plan Monday and beyond....

A bit late again I'm afraid! It's been one of those weeks as I mentioned in my previous post.

We did stick to the previous weeks meal plan - we even had falafels!!  Although hubs wasn't that keen on them but the little man loved them and the cous cous I served with them.

The chinese chicken noodles turned into Jamie's Satay chicken which I completely mess about with and don't make kebabs but smear it over some chicken chunks and shove under the grill.  I then use the other half of the sauce to fry some noodles I've soaked in boiling hot water whilst I was doing the above and serves like this...

I think I've taken a pic of this one before but here's my healthy ham egg and chips which is one of my fave.  Although eagle eyed readers will spot the omission of ham which I only realised once I'd served up - ooops! 

And this is my little man making jam tarts!! AKA a mess ;) 

So onto this week....well first I have a bit of a confession!  I generally do a months meal plan at a time.  This has caused my merriment amongst people as to how the heck I do it and probably more likely WHY?!

I love food, love looking a recipes and cookbooks but when it comes to meal planning and writing a shopping list OMG is it dull!!  My inspiration totally leaves me so makes more sense to do it all in one go for the month.  It's also much cheaper to do it this way too. I always check my cupboards and freezer first to see what I've got left and can make from that and then I do one big online shop at the start of the month, get my meat from Waitrose's 3 for £10 range (or any other offers I see) and then do a biggish shop from Aldi as well.  I then in theory just top up in the week for fresh stuff and the stuff I've forgotten.  The month before last - which would be June - I didn't do this and it was definitely more expensive.  Last month I did a two week plan and then fudged the rest of the month and that didn't work so well either.  So this month I'm back onto a monthly plan ....but with a difference!  One of the downfalls of a monthly plan is that you don't always know what you are going to be doing or feel like eating in a few weeks time so things can get changed (I've always been flexible with it anyway and have some back ups in the freezer) but am adding in more flexibility by planning the correct number of meals but not allocating them to days (are you still with me? It is possibly you may think I over think my meal plan but it's food!!  You can't overthink it!  And I can get through any thing a day throws at me if I know what I'm eating at the end of it)

So this month I've planned a set number of midweek meals, a set number of Sunday lunches and a set number of Friday and Saturday meals and have ordered everything I need for these other than the fresh stuff that I can get on a weekly basis.  

So onto the meal plan.....

This week

Monday - Fish in breadcumbs from the freezer with oven chips and beans

Tuesday - Fajitas

Wednesday - nothing as we had a Burger King for lunch (it's been one of those weeks!!)

Thursday - tonight - Quorn mince with rice/pasta

Friday - Sausage, mash and Veg

Saturday - Mac and cheese

Sunday - Sticky Pork Shoulder with BBQ Beans and Mash (unless it's ridiculously hot and then I might make something else).

For the rest of the month it's looking like this:

Sunday meals - Roast chicken (from the Waitrose 3 for £10), Roast Chicken legs (managed to get 4 for £2 yesterday in the reduced section in Tesco),  Sausages (on offer in Waitrose - 3 for £6) in either a toad in the hole or casserole.

Friday & Saturday meals - HM Pizza, Turkey Burgers and Chips, Chicken Tikka Massala and Chicken Korma and trimmings from the Hairy Bikers Curry Book, Chicken Fried Rice - a new pin on Pinterest, Healthy Ham Egg and Chips, Chilli and Sweet Chilli Hot Dogs with HM rolls if I can manage it. 

Midweek Meals - Ravioli and Sauce, HM Fish Cakes, Mac and Cheese, Paprika Chicken (a mix I got from Aldi last time I was there to go with the other 2 chicken legs), Slow Cooked Beef and Beef Rogan Josh (as I got some cheap casserole Beef in tescos reduced section yesterday as well), Quorn sausages and chips, Turkey meatballs, Chipotle chicken (as I've got some chipotle paste that I don't know what to do with!!!), Lasagne, Quinoa and Sweet Potato Chilli (to use up a small amount of quinoa), Lentil Curry, Fish in Breadcrumsb and Quorn mince and pasta! 

Watch this space to see how many of these actually get made!!! 

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