Thursday, 10 October 2013

Bara Brith...worth the wait!!

So who's watching the Great British Bake Off then?  Isn't it fab!!!  I'm rooting for Becca to win - partly because she makes me laugh, partly because a few people have said they see a similarity to me but mainly cos she makes the kind of food I want to eat and with minimal faff!!  (can't stand faff!!!)

So I decided I wanted to make her Bara Brith as it looked yummy!!  The plan was to make this last week in the afternoon that was then spoilt by the accident.  Next I decided to make it on Tuesday afternoon this week but this was then spoiled by the insurance company phoning to discuss my car situation (a write off very very annoyingly) which kind of spoilt my baking buzz!!!  So then I decided I was making it Wednesday morning come hell or high water - and there was some - an unexpected visit from the little man's preschool keyworker, a very sore and stiff arm and shoulder and this.....

Yep that is flour all over the floor!! *sigh* but needs must!!!

And this is what I ended up with!!! :)  It's blooming gorgeous - best thing she's ever tasted said my friend (who knows her food!!!) 

It really was worth the effort and wait!! 

Unlike my sourdough which was a disaster.....not sure I'm cut out for sourdough at all!!! 

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