Sunday, 22 January 2012

Well its been a while....

.... can't believe I haven't posted since nearly the beginning of December!!! And I've not made any bread since then either! lol!

I think this was about when the wheels started coming off with Isaac who was poorly, got better and then got very very poorly the night before Christmas Eve - resulting in us spending Christmas Eve at the out of hours GP's, having no sleep over the Christmas period and walking around like zombies  We can't complain too much as it was the first bout of illness he's had but he doesn't half pick his moments!!

This obviously affected my Christmas makes but I persevered and made up the gift bags - we did the following themes:  Indian Night In, Movie Night In, Italian Night In and General Night In with goodies.  They also were given Homemade Christmas Cakes (see pic below) - which were decorated on Christmas Eve whilst Isaac was a tad grumpy so didn't have the perfect finish I was looking for but they tasted AMAZING so will be using that recipe again (was on from my Essentials magazine) although I think I would add cherries next time  Also included were chocolate truffles - these were a nightmare!!!!!!!!!  I made the mixture and put it in the fridge as instructed and then tried to take a tsp as per the recipe and roll in a ball before rolling in cocoa - well that was easier written than done!!!!!!!!!!  Hard as bloody rock and I ended up chipping into it and had chocolate everywhere on very little sleep with Isaac waking up and not settling to sleep!!!!!!  Not sure they were my best work and were certainly not round - more like lumps!  I think I would stick with fudge next time.  I was going to put shortbread in the bags too but after 3 attempts (one underbaked, one overbaked and one just disgusting) I used Nigella's biscuit recipe and made stars and trees (again on Christmas Eve - I must have been mad!) and drizzled with chocolate.  These looked very nice but weren't the most exciting biscuit to eat.  However the bags went down quite well so I can't complain.

So after Christmas the thank you cards - made from packs of cards from The Range costing a £1 for 15 and decorated with some paper flowers I already had - hows that for money saving!!!  

And onto all things non Christmas related...... My sisters 21st Birthday.  And I made a ribbon heart with a 21st key hanging from it.  

 I was quite pleased with this although wished I had hung it with ribbon rather than wire covered ribbon - but you live and learn.

Next thing on my list is some alterations to  my mums wedding invites - will post a pic when done