Sunday, 20 May 2012

Hen Party Frivolities!!

It was my mum's surprise hen do yesterday that my auntie and I organised.  We decided to do an afternoon tea party and the best place to have it was at her house - so much secrecy and planning has been afoot to get her out of the house and back again with out her knowing where she was going!!  My sister in law deserves a medal for taking her on a very long convoluted route back home and getting her to keep the blind fold on until she walked in to her hall way when we removed it - and the look of shock and confusion will stay with me forever!!!!  Thankfully she was relieved and not disappointed we hadn't taken her somewhere more exciting and a great time was had by all!!!

I made a few cakes for the occasion and here they are in their full glory - even complete with willy confetti!!!

This one is a raspberry chocolate cake with raspberries and chocolate chips inside the chocolate sponge!!  Filled with buttercream and topped with raspberries.

This is a lemon drizzle cake 

This is an victoria sponge recipe but I added orange juice and zest to the cake and orange juice to the butter cream and also in the middle is orange curd.  I haven't tried this one (*blush* but have the others although I wasn't sure about the chocolate one so had to have another piece to be sure it was lovely!!! ) but am assured it was nice and orangey!

I also painted mum a mug with the date of the hen do on it but didn't take a picture - will get one when I see her next.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Mini Post

I've not got much to update at the moment but am back into crafting having got my knitting needles out! :)  Am in the process of making an elephant for Isaac but as I'm using up old wool he's going to have two odd legs as I've used up all the blue wool! Am contemplating whether to go for clashing colours or something more subtle!!

We are planning an extension to our house so am hoping to use my creative skills for that and will post pics as and when things get moving - its sooooooo slow at the moment!

On the cooking front not a lot has been happening as hubby had last week off and the involved spending quite a bit of time having lunch in the pub - not great for either the waistline or the wallet but you have to treat yourselves now and then.  Its my mums hen do at the weekend and baking will be occurring for that so will take some pics when its done