Sunday, 10 February 2013

How to bake continued....

Yep totally hooked on this bead making malarkey!!  Loving it.  Am still working my way through the basic bread section of Sexy Paul's book (aka Paul Hollywood) see here in pride of place on my work top!! ;)

So we've had another white tin loaf (which I nearly killed as it stuck itself to the plastic bag on the second rising :S) and some barm cakes - which are soft rolls apparently!  And a little bit flat!!

A cottage loaf :) 

Some chapatis - which were a doddle to make and tasted amazing
And this is my attempt at an 8 stranded plait which went a bit tits up!!  Not sure I'll bother again as it was a bit of a faff and wasn't a great shape for sandwiches or toast!

And this week we've had a malted loaf which was amazing!!  Made with Waitrose malted and seeded flour - it really tasted lovely.  We had it with smoky tomato and bacon soup for dinner one night although there has been much discussion over whether soup and bread constitutes a proper meal.  I think it does if it's homemade and proper soup and bread.

Very disappointed that Sexy Paul doesn't have a naan bread in his book (although I have hopes for his new book  - which is already on my wish list!!!) so I made these Peshwari Naan's from this recipe last night and they were very lovely.  I think next time though I might make them into slightly larger breads.  

In case you were of the opinion that soup and bread isn't a proper meal - here are some other meals we've had recently. 

Ham and Mushroom Pie in my new pie dish complete with blackbird!! (not the best rolled out pastry but it tasted nice!) 

Pea and Potato Curry - one of my absolute faves 

Pork, Chirizo and Pea Hotpot - which was nicer than I thought it was going to be when I looked at it in the slow cooker

And some sweet treats - Orange and Carrot Muffins which are less than 200 cals and my treat of the moment whilst I work off the excesses of Christmas (still!!!) and Nigella's banana cake which I had to make after finding a bag of brown bananas in the shop for 30-odd p!

And in exciting other news....progress has been made on the playhouse!!!  As you can see my sewing box has been out and the first 'side' is almost complete.  Really want to get this done for the little mans birthday at the end of March but not sure it's going to happen....I might get the basic shape up and then add to it as and when I have the time.

And speaking of the little man we've been making a post box this week and here he is writing his letters to go in it <3  He just needs a bag, a hat and a black and white hat.