Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Meal Planning Monday - 4 November 2013

Sorry I'm so quiet - I've lost my blogging mojo.  Perhaps it's down the back of the sofa with my crafting one?  However things are looking up and I'm feeling brighter than I've done in a few weeks and am ploughing ahead with lots of lovely housekeeping;  I have a Christmas box, a treat jar for pennies, I've stripped both my towels and nappies, have the workings of a routine in place and even washed my oven gloves yesterday!! Oh I think I need a lie down just thinking about all of that.

So onto food:

Since my last food post I've made an apple cake for the new bake club which has started at our local library.

I drizzled it with a bit of icing to make it look slightly more exciting!  It was yummy and so were all the other cakes on offer - an evening with no kids and lots of cakes what a wonderful idea eh?  Our next meet is in a fortnight and I feel I want to try something new but I'm not quite sure what yet. I might make something out of these...

Bagged these at our local charity shop for £3 each!!! And they are in perfect condition.  I nearly only bought the baking one but I'm so glad I did't as I've already used the other for a leek and potato soup that I've had for lunch this week and have plans for tonights tea out of it as well. 

Due to the accident I've been banned from kneading bread!!! :O  I know it's very annoying but apparently for the best and I've been banned from hoovering too so it's not all bad!!  As a result of not knowing my arse from my elbow lately partly due to the ramifications of the accident I didn't meal plan last week and just played it by ear.  As a result we ended up having Maccy D for tea one night....my little man was so excited!! 

Bliss is a happy meal!! ;)

We've also been doing a bit of pumpkin carving to celebrate Halloween - although I'm not a massive fan of the occasion.   

On Sunday I managed a few hours in the kitchen and made some soup, a big pan of mince Ragu, a toad in the hole and apple and pear crumble.  They were all lush and you will have to believe me as I didn't take any pictures at all!!! 

So onto this week:

Monday - Mince Ragu and Gnocchi
Tuesday - Penne All'arrabiata
Wednesday - Curried Pork and Winter Vegetables
Thursday - Bacon and Tomato Soup and Chorizo and Thyme Fougasse
Friday - Thai Chicken Pizza
Saturday - Chicken Makhani and Naan and Rice
Sunday - unknown as hubs has offered to cook!!! 

Lots of new recipes there to try and I will try and take pictures if they work!! 

I stumbled across this link on Pinterest Easy Peasy Meal Plan - which I found very interesting.  It takes the idea that I tend to work on - that I have weekday meals, treat meals for Friday and Sat and a Sunday lunch type meal for surprisingly enough Sundays!!  I'm going to loosely try this (as often what I cook depends on what I have leftover) and work it as follows:

Monday - leftovers/new recipe night
Tuesday - Pasta night/Oven chips night
Wednesday - Slow cooker night
Thursday - Soup and Bread night
Friday - Pizza night 
Saturday - International night
Sunday - Casserole or Sunday Roast

Hopefully this will make planning even easier and I will be adding more categories to my recipe spreadsheet.  

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