Monday, 12 August 2013

Meal Plan Monday - again!

How is it Monday again?!!?  I had great plans to do some other blog posts in the past week but time obviously eluded me - along with sleep again! Thank you little man!

So last weeks meal plan didn't quite go to plan - lack of sleep and change of plans meant that our meals plans at present are very flexible.  I think I said in my previous post I was off to buy some dinner for Tuesday night and in the end we had a Roast dinner with a lovely ready roast dish from Aldi - two chicken breasts wrapped in bacon to which I added some roasted new potatoes and veg and some yorkshires - lovely! I also made a plum, apple and blueberry crumble using these lovely plums from our tree.  This was all the tree produced as it's still young so it seemed a good idea to use them all in one go!!

And here are my boys making the crumble topping - the little man gets his little stool out whenever he sees cooking occuring and has to join in, actually take over!!  Not sure how the big man got roped in!  

I used a recipe from Marian Keyes Saved By Cake book which is a new borrow from the library - and it was lush (the book is fantastic too - amazing original combinations in it), although I tweaked it slightly as follows..

Mix 175g plain flour with 50g caster sugar - and the recipe calls for 50g of dark muscovado sugar but I didn't have this so used the same quantity of demerara sugar.  Rub in 100g of butter (I used stork as usual) and then mix in 100g of oats - I didn't have that many oats so I used about half of oatmeal which I've had kicking around for ages.  And it was blooming lovely - I meant to take a pic but we ate it rather too quickly!!! 

Wednesday night - I made these herbed turkey meatballs - which were ok but nothing special.

Thursday night I made a sausage and new potato bake.  I threw in some chopped onions, chopped sausages and chopped new potatoes and some mushrooms when they were nearly cooked and served with beans - blooming gorgeous!! 

Friday night was homemade pizza for me and hubs and Macaroni cheese for little man - I made enough of this to feed an army so hubs and little man had it on Saturday whilst I had fishcakes and chips.

Yesterday I had a disaster with some beef brisket and the slow cooker (I don't want to talk about it) and we ended up having hot dog and chips at the sea instead :)  Lovely

So onto this week:

Tonight - Chicken & Rice
Tuesday - Beef Rogan Josh
Wednesday - Quorn Mince and Pasta
Thursday - Paprika Chicken and Jacket Potatoes
Friday - Sweet Chilli Hot Dogs and Chips
Saturday - Chicken Tikka Masala
Sunday - tbc!

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