Wednesday, 23 November 2011

more ideas....

Cushions with pom poms sewn around the edge.  Cushions with different coloured circles sewn on (or any shapes - hearts maybe?)

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Ideas overflow

Yesterday I did a bit of a brainstorming/brain dump of all the ideas I've had going around in my head......and it came to 5 pages!!!!!!!  OMG!! No wonder I've felt like my brain was going to explode...and today I've seen two more ideas to add ....painted wooden spoons and tiny knitted stockings as tree decorations.

Before I can start on anything - including a much needed review of my craft stash - I must complete my Christmas makes (although my lists last night included ideas for next Christmas!!) - I'm making cards, gift bags, sweetie jars and gift tags. As well as some shaker bottles for my nephew as he was so taken by Isaac's on Sunday - I'm going to add a Christmas theme to them by adding some glitter.  Just hope his mum hasn't already made him some. I will post pics as and when.

Now for pics of things I've made the past week

Firstly is a card to my mum from Isaac - its his hand print turned into a flower! :D

This is a first birthday card for my friends little one

And this is a card for my mum from me and hubs 

ok thats not at the right angle but not sure how to change it!! lol!

Whilst going through my list of ideas the general theme of it was taking something that would be classed as rubbish and making it into something beautiful - such as glass painting jars or second hand glasses or ceramics, doing up old frames, using old fabric to make cushions and using up all my craft stuff to clear some space!!!!!!! I'm hoping to be able to carry on this theme in my makes :)

Monday, 21 November 2011

First post

Well my very own blog - how exciting!!

I'm hoping to start crafting in a big way next year so thought this could be a good way to keep track and share what I'm up too.

I've brainstormed all my ideas today and have 4 A4 pages covered in scribble!!!  Need to put them all in my lovely craft notebook (have a bit of a thing for notebooks *blush*)  And I still need to go through my craft cupboards and list any other projects I'm yet to start on!

But now - an early night is on the cards as I feel a bit poorly and I've got a good book waiting for me!