Monday, 30 July 2012

A bit of an update is well overdue!

Hmmm I'm not doing so well with keeping up with my blog but I am still making and keeping a record - just not updating it on here!!! 

So here goes:

I made a lovely Pimms Trifle for my nephews birthday party in June - it looks so lovely with lots of fruit, little Italian biscuits whose name totally escapes me at the moment and cover the lot in Pimms and some mint leaves.

Then top with cream whisked to thickness with some icing sugar and sweet wine - mmmm!! Sprinkle with toasted almonds and more mint leaves.  I am told it was very lovely but being dairy intolerant I couldn't have any - pffftt!!!

This one wasn't totally made by me - Isaac had a hand in this!! It was a painted mug for his daddy for fathers day.  I wrote 'Daddy' on it with ceramic pens and then let him colour in the rest.  Think it worked quite well. I also made one for my dad but forgot to take a picture.  Ooops!

June was a busy month ending with my mums wedding on the 30th June.  We all had a very lovely day and I made this for her and Peter from cross stitch. I actually finished this in December last year but only managed to get round to framing it a couple of weeks before - isn't that always the way!!!

The food for the evening reception was made by all the family and here are my little chocolate muffins which were my contribution - mmmmmmm! 

So one rainy Friday I decided that I would get my little boy in the kitchen and teach him the very important life skill of baking a cake! :)   However I then realised why we have a stair gate on our kitchen door frame - its very child unfriendly!!!!!!  So I popped him in his high chair so he could watch and play with the spoons!  He would have been too close to the hot oven otherwise.  He did watch with a lot of enthusiasm and helped to stir in the lemon juice for this lovely Madeira cake which was yummy

Here is bunnykins number 3.  A present for my friends little girl.  Bunnykins number 1 lives in Isaac's toybox and number 2 is with my nephew.  I might be working on number 4 but I can't possibly tell you anything about it!! ;) 

I made some playdough - non cook play dough using this recipe (fantastic website BTW).  I split the dough into three and dyed it green, yellow and red.  Here's Isaac playing with it

And here he is eating it!!

I've been reading this blog -  Which has totally inspired me with reworking clothes that I would otherwise throw out or disregard.  It's also made me obsessed with our monthly jumble sales where they sell clothes for 25p an item!!  I've found some real treasures that I've been able to wear as they are but also have a pile of clothes to refashion when I next get my sewing machine out.  One other thing I've thought about doing is dying clothes.

I found this shirt in the jumble sale and loved the shape of it and the detail of the front but not the colour so much.

So I popped it in the washing machine with some chocolate dye and this is the result.  It's more a khaki green than brown but the detailing is green too and contrasts really nicely.  It's definitely more wearable now.

Isaac has this white (!) linen trousers for my mums wedding and they were quite pricey but likely to never be worn again - I mean really white?!?!  So I put them in the machine with the above top and they came out really well - properly chocolate brown although the stitching stayed white but that proved a nice contrast.  Shame I don't have a pic to prove it!!!! 

So that's me up to date! :)

We are currently working on our biggest project to date - an extension to our house.  We are knocking through the living room and current dining room and building a new dining room and extending the kitchen, installing a new kitchen and decorating through out.  It's very exciting but it's taking all my creativity for now but I do have a few ideas on the back burner for when I have a moment.