Thursday, 31 October 2013

Vintage Housekeeping - my new new obession

Yep that's right I've got a new obession!!  Regular readers and friends and family will know that I do get these ideas of fancies and then generally ending up beating myself up as I can't achieve them all.  But life is about learning and moving on and through each obsession I take what works and bin the rest or save it for another day.

So...Vintage Housekeeping - how fabulous does that sound?  Well I stumbled on this book on amazon and downloaded it to my kindle app on my phone...WHOAH  yes I said Kindle app on my phone. I know I know I hate bloody kindles and the whole idea of electronic books (I'm the girl that was known as the book lady at our local fete as I bought so many of the damn things, when choosing a new book I take three or four to bed to pour over the back of before choosing and despite then saying the left over ones will be read next I still go through the same ritual;  you could lock me in a book shop or library for at least 6 weeks before I got even the slightest bit bored) but *whispers*  I think I might quite like a Kindle!  They could be very handy during the day whilst the little man is about and it's a case of pick up put down all the time!  Would be time spent much better than browsing facebook.  And there are lots of books out there that are only published online (who knew?!).  So it's on the list....but not too close to the top!

Anyway I digress....I stumbled upon Scruptious Treats for Vintage Housekeepers, then Life, Love and Vintage Housekeeping and then a whole blog!! And I've become slightly obssessed with the ideas on it to the point that I've bought myself a new notebook to capture them all in (it's not just me that does this is it!??).

So the big ideas that I've taken from these so far is that housekeeping (sounds so much nicer than just cleaning, housework or just being the general dogsbody doesn't it?) has to be done whether we enjoy it or not and it generally falls to us ladies (yes Hubs I know you help a lot) so why not take some pride in it and make it as lovely as you can.  The blog and books talk about Puttering Treats - little things of loveliness that you can do to make everything so much nicer.  Such as:

'Assign a jam jar the title of Puttery Pennies' and use it to save for something completely irrational.  Reward yourself everytime you empty the washing machine'

I have already started this one but in true vintage style I need to pretty it up a bit.

'Bake yourself a Happy Wednesday Cake.  Get utterly carried away with your toppings and serve it with candles and a whole lot of hullabaloo after tea.....'

How fabby does that sound?  And I know some people would say why would you bother but ask yourself why would you not?!?!

Not sure how good it would be for the waistline but she has another idea a comfort drawer.  I love love love this idea.  The idea of having a drawer (or a shelf in my case) of things that bring you comfort, and proper comfort.  We have a treat cupboard now but it's filled with chocolate and crisps and things that just make us feel guilty afterwards for indulging - so much better to have a drawer filled with things that bring proper comfort. Which got me thinking - the things that bring me comfort are always the same, away from the family, music, books, aromatherapy and yoga, baking and crafting but often these are the last things I do when I'm feeling down.  So a comfort drawer is a definite must and is on my list to create when the little man goes back to preschool next Monday!!!

I'm going to sign off now - I have a pretty notebook that won't fill itself!

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  1. Oh I love it. Loving the idea of a comfort drawer. I was similar with books, didn't think an e reader could match up to a real book but now I have a kobo and absolutely love it! X