Monday, 15 July 2013

Meal Planning Monday

Well last week kinda went to plan!  We had meatballs on Wednesday rather than Thursday as I was out all day and it made sense to have a slow cooker meal that night - a shame they were horrid though!!  Thursday night I didn't have the energy to make HM wraps or falafel so we had some chicken in breadcrumbs from the freezer along with new potatoes and salad.  Friday nights curry was gorgeous although not quite spicy enough and I think that was due to me using half quantities for the curry sauce but full quantities of water when I came to make the Chicken Tikka Masala - oops!!  I did manage to do a Roast chicken yesterday although we had it with mash and veg and gravy which was much appreciated by the cook and the little man who wolfed his down! He also managed double portions of chocolate crunch - always a hit - and even more so with me as I made dairy free ice cream which I had with my portion - LUSHNESS!!  I've missed ice cream and it was so easy I will definitely be making it again...once I've made the boys some malterser ice cream which is hubs' favourite.  The little man is loving ice cream, lollies and mini milks this summer so will be nice to make some myself for him.

So onto this week:

Monday - Honey Sesame Chicken with Rice - a slow cooker Pinterest recipe

Tuesday - Fish, Egg and Potato Pie with some veg

Wednesday - Ravioli and Sauce

Thursday - Falafels, Wraps and Salad (probably!)

Friday - Satay Chicken Kebabs, Salad and Chips

Saturday - unsure as hubby has a friend over so could be take out or HM Pizza

Sunday - unsure as we are supposed to be doing a car boot so might see if mum will cook for us for when we pick the little man up!! ;)


I managed to bag some bargains yesterday at Tescos

Not a great picture but two bunches of flowers for 19p and 35p down from £3.50 and £5, two packs of two lettuces for 10p each and a bag of bramley apples for 21p!!  Bargain!! :) 


  1. Just wanted to say loving your blog! :) Hopefully I've made a start on 'following officially' blogs now as well so I'm hoping to have a list of blogs I read on my blog... :)
    Anyway, thank you! :)

  2. Thank you - that's very kind