Monday, 15 April 2013

My Summer Wardrobe Challenge

The sun has finally had the decency to show it's face around here and all thoughts are turning to warmer weather which means the banishment of the three or four thick jumpers that have seen me through winter and prettier lighter clothes are needed.  I however feel my summer wardrobe needs a bit of a freshen up (and that's before I get the things out the loft which may or may not fit!! My diet is not going well you will not be surprised to hear - Never trust a thin cook anyway is my motto ;) )

The only problem is I don't have lots of pennies to spend so I have set myself the challenge of sorting my summer wardrobe out for £50 by scouring the charity shops, jumble sales and eBay and by refashioning.  I've been very inspired by this blog for a long time but have never actually managed to have a go until tonight!!! 

So I had this long nondescipt skirt and....

and this dress that was a size too small but so pretty - both of which I bought for 25p at our local jumble sale 

And I turned the skirt up and cut off the excess to make this lovely short summer skirt

and then cut the bottom off the dress and turned up the top and threaded through some elastic to make another summer skirt.  So that's two for 50p :) 

In addition to my refashions - and there are more to come ....I've also been bargain hunting and bought the following from our local jumble sale for the pricely sum of £2!

Including these fantastic cowboy boots for 50p 

And then today I got some lovely things in our charity shop (our charity shop is THE best!!  It's an independant and doesn't charge silly prices for most of the stuff)

I got this Next dress for £7 - it's not the best pic - I will get one of me wearing it when I've got my make up on and my hair's not a mess! lol! 

This pink spotty skirt for £3.50 

And this Debenhams number for £3.50 

So I think that leaves me with £33.50 to play with :)  Think I'm ok for skirts though!!!! 

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